Create Conversion Rate Optimisation website
About This Project

Create is a small SaaS platform that allows people to make their own website and shop.

During a 12 month period, we:

  • Identified lifetime value and target cost of acquisition for the different types of Create customer
  • Segmented customers into five user personas for marketing targeting
  • Relaunched the Create website with technical SEO optimisation, new keyword-rich content, and a fresh design with stronger CTAs
  • Increased number of leads by 100% through targeted marketing spend across UK channels – PPC, Facebook, Twitter and display. Additionally, we undertook influencer outreach, business development & brand partnership work, and PR activity.
  • Increased new visits to to lead sign-up by 60% through the adoption of one-step sign-up, AB testing on CTAs, and increasing the quality of leads.
  • Improved funnel activity by 45% through the use of action-based emails, relevant in-app messaging for personalised engagement, and AB testing.
  • Increased campaign-based email open rate by 70%
  • Increased campaign-based email click through rate by 200%